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Graflex Crown Graphic Special 4X5 with 127mm F4.7 lens (coated)

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Myyjä: CatLabs

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Crown Graphic Special 4X5 with 127mm F4.7 lens (coated)






Graflex Crown Graphic 4X5 camera 127mm F4.7 lens + holders 

  • This is a used Graflex 4X5 camera
  • Camera is in good working  condition
  • Bellows has been neatly repaired and is LIGHT TIGHT tested
  • All camera movements, knobs, gears and latches are in good working condition
  • Spring lock back is tight and works as it should, viewing hood is in good working order
  • Ground glass/Fresnel combo, small crack on lower right corner, taped, does not affect function
  • Holders are used and tested LIGHT TIGHT
  • Rangefinder works bright and contrasty, and correlates nicely to the lens
  • Rangefinder image is good
  • Lens glass is clean
  • Shutter fires nicely on all speeds
  • 127mm is a moderate wide angle lens, a nice all around use lens (ask us about adding additional lenses to this kit)

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